Filing a Complaint

In addition to making sure that only qualified individuals become licensed as Professional Engineers or Professional Land Surveyors, the Board of Registration is also responsible for enforcing licensing laws, relevant administrative rules, and the Code of Ethics.  Information about the statutes and administrative rules is located on the home page under the “Public” menu. 

North Dakota laws allow any person to bring a complaint against a Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor.  The complaint must be on the Board's complaint form, signed and notarized.  The form is available for download on this site.  The Board has also adopted a procedure for handling complaints.  The procedure has been formatted into a flow-chart style diagram to make the process easy to follow.  The diagram is titled “Process of a Complaint” and is located on the "The Process of a Complaint" menu.

If you are considering filing a complaint, take note that the Board does not have civil jurisdiction.  For example, the Board cannot direct a Professional Land Surveyor to move a boundary or direct a Professional Engineer to refund your fees.  Those things fall under provisions of civil law statutes.  You will need to consult an attorney to determine the appropriate legal remedy.

What can the Board do?  The Board can take disciplinary action against a licensed professional if it finds a violation over which the Board has jurisdiction.  Those violations include fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetence, misconduct, or violation of the code of ethics.  Keep in mind that a simple mistake or error does not rise to the level of gross negligence and is not subject to disciplinary action.  If the board finds that disciplinary action is warranted, the board may reprimand, suspend, refuse to renew, or revoke the accused registrant's certificate of registration.

If you decide that your complaint does not involve civil issues and you file a complaint with the Board, the procedures outlined in the “Process of a Complaint” diagram will dictate the course of action.