Finding Corners



Most people have a general idea of their property’s boundaries. However, if you are selling the property or want to place something near your property line, a general idea won’t be sufficient, you need to know exactly where your property lines are before you begin. Real estate boundary disputes are quite common in the U.S. and if they go to court, are often quite costly. Increasing land values in North Dakota have escalated the frequency of boundary disputes.


There is an overabundance of GIS and GPS devices available and some unethical people are using those devices to charge you to locate your property corners. Although those devices are useful for many things such as car navigation, they simply cannot tell you where your property boundaries are. By law, only a registered Professional Land Surveyor can make boundary determinations and that is frequently done by following the footsteps of the original surveyor. Land Surveying is an ancient profession with time honored procedures and respect shown to the original surveyor, even if the original surveyor did the work a hundred years ago. A metal detector and a GPS device do not make a land surveyor.

If you need to measure your property or locate your property boundaries, hire a Professional Land Surveyor to do the measuring for you.

This is especially true if the property is very old and has not been surveyed in several decades. Because of the inexact way property is legally described in the United States, a Professional Land Surveyor’s report is considered an expert opinion. While it can be challenged in court, it is often the only opinion that mortgage lenders will accept and insurance companies will insure.