Professional Engineer

For Endorsement Application:

If you already have a license in another state and want to become licensed in North Dakota, use the Endorsement application.


If you have an NCEES record, please check with NCEES to see if your record has been designated as a Model Law compliant record.  If your NCEES record is not Model Law compliant, use the Endorsement application.  If your NCEES record is Model Law compliant, use the Model Law application.  The North Dakota staff is not able to tell you what kind of record you have.  You must contact NCEES.

PDFWord -Links to the Endorsement application.


NCEES has recently announced new comity licensure options for military families. If you are active-duty military or a spouse of a servicemember, please read the information found here.


For Examination Application:

If you do not have a license in another state and would like to take the Principle and Practice exam to become registered in North Dakota, use the Examination application.

PDFWordLinks to the Exam application.



Model Law Application:


Use this application form only if you have an NCEES record that has been designated to be Model Law compliant.  If you aren’t sure, please contact NCEES.

PDF | Word-Links to the Model Law application.


NCEES Records:


An NCEES record contains documents required for registration.  Endorsement applications typically require, among any other information, college transcripts, reference letters, verification of examinations and a verified experience record.  NCEES offers a fee based service that will assemble and verify documents that need to accompany an application for registration.  If you are interested in creating an NCEES record, additional information can be found at