The North Dakota State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors was created by the state legislature. The Board’s primary job is to protect the public by making sure that every engineer and land surveyor they license is qualified. To see everything the Board does, check out their Strategic Plan.


With every action the Board takes, the mission statement is forefront and considered at all times;


“To safeguard life, health, and property and to protect the public welfare.”


All Board meetings are open to the public. We welcome and encourage everyone to attend. You do not need to let us know in advance or schedule your attendance. However, if you do let us know, we’ll be able to make sure there is enough room to make everyone comfortable. If the meeting is a teleconference, please call us and we’ll tell you the nearest available location.



Mr. Gludt is the Chairman of the Board and was appointed on September 5, 2018. He has been a registered Professional Engineer for over 25 years.


Vice Chairman

Mr. Weeks is the Vice Chairman of the Board and was appointed on July 23, 2019. He has a been a registered Professional Land Surveyor for over 25 years.



Mr. Nelson is the Secretary of the Board and was appointed on July 1, 2020. He is a dual registrant, holding both a Professional Engineer License and a Professional Land Surveyor License.



Ms. Vareberg was appointed to the Board on July 20, 2021. She has been a a registered Professional Engineer for over 20 years.



Mr. Ballinger was appointed to the Board on July 1, 2022. He has been a registered Professional Engineer for 13 years

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 Darcie D. Handt

Executive Director

Darcie was born and raised in Valley City, ND. He moved to Bismarck in 1987 and lives there today with his wife. Darcie served 35 years in the US Army, after which he worked for the State of North Dakota and Edgewood Vista. He enjoys working on diverse teams that deliver exceptional customer service. He and his wife have three grown children, three dogs, is an avid golfer and a loyal Minnesota Vikings fan.

Seth M Johnson

Office and Administration Specialist

Seth was born and raised in North Dakota. As an automotive enthusiast, Seth spends his free time working on and racing cars at the local circuits in the upper Midwest. Seth has been employed by the Board since November 2019 and handles the majority of our registrant’s needs when it comes to applicants and licensure.

 Judy Reinhardt

Office Secretary

Judy joined the Board staff full time in 2021. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Steve and their two dogs, Bandit and Koda.