NCEES Credentials Evaluation

NCEES Credentials Evaluations is a service for state licensing boards and applicants. It is designed primarily for candidates who have earned their degrees outside the United States and are pursuing licensure through one of the member licensing boardsof NCEES.


To earn a license to practice engineering or surveying, candidates must meet requirements in three areas: education, experience, and examinations. State licensing boards sometimes require that a candidate’s educational background be evaluated to ensure that it is comparable to an accredited degree in the United States. The evaluation process helps ensure that a candidate is qualified academically for licensure. Usually, this takes place when a candidate applies to sit for a licensing examoffered by NCEES.


The evaluation will contain the following:

  • An applicant summary
  • A comparability summary, which includes the evaluation result (whether the NCEES Engineering Education Standard has been met), and any area(s) of deficiency relative to the standard
  • An education summary, including institution(s) attended, major(s), and degree(s) earned
  • A criteria analysis, which breaks down coursework corresponding to the NCEES standard