NCEES Records

The sole purpose of the NCEES record is to provide the State Board with information.

Holding an NCEES record does not mean that you are “nationally registered”. It is the responsibility of you, as the applicant, to contact NCEES and ask that your NCEES record be sent to North Dakota. The North Dakota State Board may accept the NCEES record in whole or in part or may refuse to accept any part of it. The State Board office may ask you to supply supplemental information in addition to what is contained in an NCEES record. Failure to provide this information will result in your application being deemed incomplete and will not be considered by the Board.

NCEES record holders should also contact NCEES to find out if your record has been deemed to be in compliance with the NCEES Model Law. You can contact NCEES at 800-250-3196 or If your record has been considered compliant with the NCEES Model Law, you do not need to complete the PE/PLS endorsement application form. You need to complete the Model Law Engineer application form available from applications page of this web site.