Public Awareness

The increased activity in North Dakota has brought new experiences to North Dakota residents. For many residents who are used to a life based on small communities and agricultural business, the new growth and big business atmosphere are almost shocking. The availability of jobs and money has created an influx of new people and a business frenzy that has not been seen in recent memory.


Most of the activity in the state is regulated by a state regulatory board. In the case of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, they are regulated by this board. Other activities may be regulated by the State Industrial Commission or the Department of Health or any number of state and federal agencies. If someone is making you an offer or asking to do something on your property, take time to find out what their obligations and responsibilities are to you. If you have questions about licensure requirements or the Code of Ethics to which all Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors must adhere to, please contact the Board office. We are here to protect you, your property and your safety.