What is a Professional Engineer?

“Professional Engineer” or the designation “P.E.” is the title used in North Dakota by individuals qualified to practice engineering.  In North Dakota, the use of the title “Professional Engineer” or the initials “P.E..” can be legally used only be individuals who have been given a Professional Engineering license by the North Dakota State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.


A person licensed as a Professional Engineer has demonstrated to the Board that they have the proper education and experience to practice engineering.  Additionally, an engineer must pass two 8-hour exams before they may become licensed. Qualifying for a license takes at least 8 years from entering college, passing the first 8-hour exam, obtaining the necessary experience and passing the second 8-hour exam.  Stringent requirements have been established to make sure that only qualified individuals become licensed.


Engineering is all around you every day.  The water you drink, the utilities you use, the machines that make your life easier, your home and thousands of other things have all been conceived, designed and implemented by Professional Engineers.  You come into contact with hundreds of engineering work products hundreds of time every day.  Professional Engineers are responsible for the infrastructure of our society.


A Professional Engineer is bound by law to the highest standards of integrity, competency and ethical conduct.  The sole function of licensing Professional Engineers is to protect YOU.  The laws that established license requirements tell the Board to protect “the health, safety and welfare of the public.”  In reality, the “public” is you, your family and your friends.