ND Land Survey Monument Record Form Instructions

Whenever you conduct a land survey, at least one public land survey corner is used. This corner and any other public land corners used for control must have a monument record form filed. A public land survey corner includes section corners, quarter corners, sixteenth corners (if set by the original United States Public Land Survey), meander corners, closing corners, witness corners, etc.

Also, if you establish or re-establish any public land survey corner, or restore or rehabilitate any public land survey monument, you must file a record form. If the monument described in the official record no longer exists and you accept a subsequent monument as marking the position occupied by the original monument, you are in effect restoring an obliterated corner and must file a record form explaining the nature of the evidence which led you to accept the monument as valid.

If a metes and bounds survey is simply “tied” to a section corner, quarter corner, or other Government Land Survey control monument, you are required to file a record only on that monument. However, if another public land survey monument was used to establish a basis of bearings, it must be filed on also.

If your survey required the use of several control monuments, each must be reported. Each monument must be reported on a separate monument record form.


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